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Grass Paver Systems is a blog dedicated to providing you information and answering questions about grass and gravel pavers. We are a good source for general information on this exciting paver alternative, from product features to installation and landscaping techniques.  Unlike other industry blogs, we promise to provide comprehensive information and descriptive photos that stays on the subject of grass and gravel landscaping pavers, products and applications.

Standard paving stone, concrete and asphalt hardscapes create surfaces with a high degree of water runoff.  Grass and gravel pavers are an environmentally friendly alternative to other paving products with limited porosity by combining the aesthetics of turf and natural stone, the strength of pavement and the porosity of open ground.  Pavers stabilize the soil to prevent erosion and rutting from environmental factors and traffic.  Grass and gravel pavers can bear the weight of light to heavy vehicle traffic, distributing traffic pressure throughout the system.


Grasspaversystems.com is a platform operated by Trench Drain Systems, a national supplier of trench drains and catch basins for commercial, residential and landscaping applications aiming to help minimize runoff water and maximize ground water replenishment.  The staff at Trench Drain Systems is knowledgeable on surface drainage and eager to answer your questions on a number of drainage problems.

We look forward to delving into the world of grass and gravel pavers with you.  Come visit us as we offer insight as to what separates the various pavers and how these can be used in conjunction with trench drains, French drains and catch basins.

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